Dear reader,,

I present my first book with publisher Red Circle.

Let me tell you what will: This is a manual PERSONAL SUCCESS with practical ideas to implement in day to day, from a coaching approach, namely, facilitating awareness and encouraging action. It is structured in short chapters and each aboard a topic related to taking charge of your life, the importance of fighting for your dreams, face your fears and live a fuller life.

And here is the most important: WHY READ THIS BOOK. There are at least 14 reasons:

1. Get 33 short chapters with many positive messages and motivational
2. Learn how to approach the issues from intelligent optimism
3. Find your life purpose and reilusiónate
4. Increase Self Esteem, know how to do
5. Meet the main fears, how they act and how you can control them
6. Learn how to apply a basic rule: face fears and do what you have to do
7. Learn to live a more authentic and fulfilling
8. Meet assertive rights to improve your relationships
9. Find the advantages of finding a vocation
10. Learn to live with uncertainty
11. Find ways to reduce stress
12. Meet the qualities of successful people
13. Start a path of self-knowledge and personal
14. Get some guidelines to take charge of your life and strive to achieve your dreams

If you would like positive and inspiring messages to create your life, reinvent and live a fuller life, now you can. You just have to go to one of the purchase links on this page.

I invite you to this opportunity to reflect on your life, autodescubrirte and learn to love more yourself @, empoderándote and achieving greater self-confidence.


Manuel Mata


The work is designed to inspire the reader to that, far from giving up his life for not daring to face their fears, will empower and advance decisively towards achieving their life goals, raised relying on multiple tools for use. This book combines personal improvement author's knowledge on the subject, numerous contributions from other authors and wisdom of all time. A work that is also close to the reader, and that includes the author's own personal experiences and case studies from other people that the author has tried.



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Bookstore La Rambla (Rambla Nova 99, TARRAGONA)


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